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    ッ 不 訣 癟 そ 
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    Lathe ó 
    Milling machine 謊 
    Drilling machine 苝 
    West Lake Bench Drilling Machine ﹁打礟Α喙
    Grinding 縤 
    Shearing Machine 芭 
    Folder 篜 / Press Brake ч舠訣
    Mill & Drill machine 狡訣
    Band Saw 笲 虧
    Roller Machine 琍馞
    Multi-Function Cutting Machine ㄣ訣
    Mini machine 癵訣
    Woodworking Machine れ訣
    Other Machine ㄤ訣


    ッ不訣癟そ倉縩禬筁50綪扳訣癟竒噴翠疭跋現┎場のカそㄑ萊壩獺臕綼 セそ扳┮Τ訣АΤ盡穨蝴瓣ずめ矗ㄑЧ到扳狝叭絋玂め嘿み骸種

    セ呼盢矗ㄑッ不訣癟そ程穝訣癟玻珇の戈癟舧竒盽ㄓ聅凝 Τヴ琩高叫筿秎 wingcheungmachinery@gmail.com ┪璓筿2374 3216羛蹈

    Welcome to the WING CHEUNG MACHINERY COMPANY web site. We have developed this web site to allow you to get to know our products and services a bit better, as well as make all of our information available to you 24 hours a day.

    We will continue to add product and company information to this site on a weekly basis so if you don't find what you're looking for please check back often.

    If you require immediate attention you can send us an email at wingcheungmachinery@gmail.com or give us a call at 2374 3216, or use our super quick online form .

    We invite you to read what other satisfied customers have had to say about us on our testimonials page or visit the web sites we suggest, with links to our suppliers, distributors, customers or friends on our links page..

    We have put together this site with an easy to use interface and will continue to improve your online experience, if you have any feedback you would like to give us on the site or have any questions whatsoever feel free to email us wingcheungmachinery@gmail.com

    TEL: 2374 3216 , 2388 0096
    Fax: 2388 5916 , 2787 1764